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Nourish the Earth…

Sponsor a Tree

We know that only by taking good care of the earth can humanity truly thrive. As conscious stewards of the land, we’ve supported nature in the creation of sustainable woodland, as well as planting indigenous seeds and saplings at Shire Farm. The tree species we plant include beech, willow, walnut, oak, chestnut, birch, poplar, hornbeam, whitebeam and lime.

The importance of trees is undeniable

They nourish the land, improve air quality and support birds, insects and other wildlife. They also have a profound grounding effect on the chakras of the human etheric body and our trees are planted in special chakra areas on the farm to support the wellbeing of humans and the land alike.

Sponsorship of each individual tree costs only £25 and is a gift gratefully received by both us and the earth!

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