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The Life-Force

of Livestock

Farm animals help maintain a self-sustaining, balanced and harmonious environment – horticultural heroes, they are absolutely vital to the success of a biodynamic farm. Our flock of Zwartbles sheep and herd of Dexter cattle play an important part in our crop rotation system and provide us with manures that contribute to a healthy, fertile soil. This is in fact their sole purpose on our farm as we don't breed them for meat or dairy, making them very happy animals! We’re dedicated to giving them the very best care to ensure they – and in turn, our land and crops – keep thriving. The benefits of their contributions come full circle in the quality of feed, which keeps their manures rich and fertile.

Zwartbles - Sheep with a difference

We adore our Zwartbles sheep for their gentle personality and striking appearance. They’re amenable yet lively by nature and make excellent mothers. Their fleece is black with contrasting white markings on the face, feet and tail which we leave undocked.


They’re also naturally polled, meaning they have no horns. Originally a rare breed from the Netherlands, Zwartbles sheep are now established all around the UK.


Dexter - Small cattle, big contributions

Our Dexter cattle are not only hardy and long-living but they also demonstrate great maternal instincts, often nursing calves of other cows. Usually black in colour with red and dun variations, Dexter is the smallest British breed of cattle.


Thanks to its adaptable and versatile nature, the breed is now well established in the UK.

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