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Shire Farm's

Chakra Path

Shire Farm is not only a thriving biodynamic farm growing bountiful crops full of life-force and a natural haven rich in wildlife.


It’s also a place nestled in an area rich in mythology and history, a haven where people can come to strengthen their connection to the earth and find renewed wellbeing as a result.

From Soil To Soul

Walk the chakra path at Shire Farm and discover a life-affirming, transformational experience.


Our land has been mapped into areas that mirror the human chakra energy system. Each one a point on our chakra path, these areas are marked with standing stones which feature symbols and glyphs created by the German sculptress Kerstin Schipper to enhance their natural vibration and to provide a focal point for quiet contemplation.


Indigenous trees and saplings planted along the way as part of our tree sponsorship program not only enrich the land but establish a deeper level of wellbeing and awareness.


The Chakra


Walking the chakra path invokes inner stillness and peace, and moving from one area to another helps us balance both physical and spiritual aspects of our being, resulting in a renewed sense of vitality and harmony.


The journey unfolds through the following areas:

  • The first (root) chakra: symbolic of our connection to the earth and being grounded

  • The second (sacral) chakra: a representation of fertility and our creative energies

  • The Star Stone: a reminder for us to let our inner light shine

  • The third (solar) chakra: an invitation to trust our own intelligence and abilities

  • The fourth (heart) chakra: a celebration of our emotions and feelings

  • The fifth (throat) chakra: an encouragement to express our truth

  • The sixth (third eye) chakra: a recognition of our instinctive nature and wisdom

  • The seventh (crown) chakra: a return to full awareness, hope and eternal love

Our chakra path is another demonstration of our philosophy of nurture and be nurtured as the vitality of the land has a beneficial effect on the wellbeing of humans and vice versa. Get in touch with us to experience this truly memorable journey with effects that last long after you’ve left.

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